The Restaurant

COM TAM TRAN QUY CAP doesn't need any fancy embellishments, it has stayed in business for years by offering arguably the best com tam (vietnamese broken rice) in town.

Com tam is traditionally peasant fare, utilizing leftover broken bits of rice that were formed during the harvest or processing. The rice is cooked slightly drier than normal, and takes on a couscous-like consistency. The menu is essentially variations of grilled meats to accompany your rice. Served with a side of Vietnamese herbs and pickled vegetables. Your order comes with a small bowl of the obligatory nuoc cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce) and broth with simple boiled greens. The broth may be sipped as a light soup, or spooned over the rice if you think it's too dry. Then there are the proteins, which exist in a dizzying array of mix-and-match choices. Tau hu ky is made of shrimp that's ground to a light-as-mousse paste, wrapped in tofu skin, then deep-fried and sliced to look like a golden catcher's mitt. Shredded jellied pig skin called bi eats like noodles, while cha is a thick wedge of homemade egg quiche.

Our Famous Dishes

Besides com tam (Vietnamese broken rice), Com Tam Tran Quy Cap is also well-known for many other delicious dishes. Here are some of those delicious dishes: